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Collaboration, improv, and story telling for young artists!


Our mission... is to give the power of improv and collaboration to learners young and old, who have an inner artist ready to break free

Wobble Rocket harnesses the wisdom of professional storytellers (actors, writers, etc), the imagination of young people, and the inspiration of both as they work together to create stellar, improv-based productions that speak to our communtiy with relevenace. Through this process, we guide and empower the intellectual and creative development.


Welcome to the next generation of artistry!


Get All "F"s!!!


1. Be Fearless:

Take initiative. Let silliness shine.  All ideas deserve exploration, even if they don't always work out the way they were envisioned. Commit to your instincts!


2. Be Focused:

Be observant, and aware of your choices, as well as the choices of your teammates. Presence in the moment helps us build off of one another to create something great.


3. Be Flexible:

Help your partners by accepting their choices with a positive, collaborative perspective. Build on one another's ideas.


Parent/Teacher Quotes

"The teen troupe project is really helping my daughter discover her own power. That's what I want for her." -Jennifer


"Since my debate club students took a Wobble Rocket class, they've become much more effective communicators. They are able to turn the debate around by thinking of their opponent as their scene partner. They listen carefully, and build directly on what is said. It's a very positive, growth-oriented approach." -Barb



"My girls learn more, faster. They stay focused, accept and build on the directions, and make brave, experimental choices." -Barb


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