Our Story


Imagine a world where we are all Fearless, Focused, and Flexible. Oh, the things people could achieve! Wobble Rocket Stage opened in 2010, as a youth improv theatre based on these values. 


2010: How We Started... As Wobble Rocket Stage, we taught after school classes, residencies in schools, and produced shows with the mission to spread the power of improv to young people in our community. As we involved professional actors, writers, and directors, the magic of learning evolved from class-time to hands-on experience with working professionals. The students were challenged and guided by experts in a safe, supportive environment. The pro artists were invigorated and re-inspired by working with young people who brought a new perspective and imagination to their work.


2012: Impact of SML... Wobble Rocket's student ambassadors pushed for a new opportunity and a groundbreaking idea: Saturday Morning Launch (SML). Throughout this program, 6 teens and 6 adults wrote, produce and perform a series of sketch-comedy webisodes, similar to Saturday Night Live. One director/teaching artist guides the collaboration as if it was a curriculum for the students. The 5 pro actors/writers play-in with the students allowing them to take the lead, yet always articulating their own ideas and expert input. With programs like SML, Wobble Rocket Stage transisioned to Wobble Rocket Productions.


2013: How We Evolve... In fall 2013, Founder Tiffany Ford moved to sunny Sarasota FL to help build Education & Outreach programs for Asolo Repertory Theatre. Actor/Mentor Claire Coyle became "Empress Claire", the new Director of Wobble Rocket, who continues to lead programs with our other teaching artists. With this transition comes new ideas and explorations, like more and more workshops in and around DC!



"You can't just go outside the box. Go 20 miles away from the box!" -Casarra, 14- Student


"I learned to really listen." -Ben, 12- Student


"My favorite thing about rehearsals is that we learn to put the group first." -Cale, Teaching Assisstant 


"I learned to go with the flow, and not be nervous about what other people think of me." -Molly, 9- Student


"I feel most confident when I'm doing improv... or on a moon bounce." -Aja, 11- Student


"The young artists I worked with were the most surprising team. I had no idea our work would be so groundbreaking." -Ami, Teaching Artist

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