Artists, join us!


The best way to grow is to mentor another.


Wobble Rocket Productions relies on collaboration to educate and inspire the next generation of artists. It's our responsibility to help them build even more than we have for our community. In turn, this passion inspires us to be more open minded, focused, and elaborate creators



When you are part of a project with Wobble Rocket, you BOTH guide and collaborate with young artists to create something cutting-edge and new. The pro artists and the students have creative equality. The product could be anything from live performance to film-work. Usually, a project begins with a basic goal, and an audition process for young people. We shape and build on the goals depending the ideas and motivations of the final group of young people. From there, we bring in professional artists like you to work with the students (always guided by a director/teaching artist).


We are truly a production company for young artists. But then, artists like us are all young, because we are always working on the next big thing.


Wobble Rocket believes that process and product are inseparable. We must prioritize both as the same effort in order to achieve the best work. A process or production without the other is simply incomplete. Professional artists are the key to a meaningful, educational, fun, and stellar process and product. 


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"You can't just go outside the box. Go 20 miles away from the box!" -Casarra, 14- Student


"I learned to really listen." -Ben, 12- Student


"My favorite thing about rehearsals is that we learn to put the group first." -Cale, Teaching Assisstant 


"I learned to go with the flow, and not be nervous about what other people think of me." -Molly, 9- Student


"I feel most confident when I'm doing improv... or on a moon bounce." -Aja, 11- Student


"The young artists I worked with were the most surprising team. I had no idea our work would be so groundbreaking." -Ami, Teaching Artist

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