You seem weird, and maybe a little... "creative".


Sometimes, adults tell us to control ourselves or settle down. But at Wobble Rocket Productions, your ideas are rocket fuel. You can accomplish something huge.


Wobble Rocket is a production company that gives creative opportunities to young artists. Professional actors, writers, and designers collaborate with students like you to produce cutting edge theatre and film work. We entertain our community while we challenge artists to reach new heights. Pro artists and and young artists involved in each troupe or project have creative equality, and truly work together.


We listen to your passions, whether it's shooting webisodes, performing in an improv festival, crafting a collaborative musical or a documentary. As a group, we combine our talents to ignite something awesome. With a little commitment, teamwork, and courage, we can do anything.


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1. Be Fearless:

Take initiative. Let silliness shine.  All ideas deserve exploration, even if they don't always work out the way they were envisioned. Commit to your instincts!


2. Be Focused:

Be observant, and aware of your choices, as well as the choices of your teammates. Presence in the moment helps us build off of one another to create something great.


3. Be Flexible:

Help your partners by accepting their choices with a positive, collaborative perspective. Build on one another's ideas.


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